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Jared's classes feel like poetry. The sequences are always well thought out, and link perfectly with the theme for the class. I always sweat and feel a good stretch in my body. But I go way more for the spiritual component. It feels very much like a moving spiritual lecture. I always leave feeling grounded and open!

Jared is my favorite yoga instructor. He brings enthusiasm, energy and compassion to his class, and his yoga sequencing is a graceful yet challenging flow.  He gives excellent cues and demos new transitions so that even the newest yogis feel comfortable. Jared is passionate about increasing his knowledge of yoga and brings his latest mastery to the studio for the benefit of his students. His classes are not to be missed!


Jared's classes are fun and refreshing with sequences that are creative and accessible for all levels.  I love how he prefaces each class with a few words to set a theme that carries through the practice.  His classes consistently follow a structure that he crafted so you always know what to expect and how to pace yourself.  You can tell how much Jared loves teaching by his smiling face and relaxed nature.

Mary Beth

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